2017-2018 Long Beach Home and School Association Inc. Committees


50th Anniversary Committee:  This is group will help the school with functions involving our upcoming 50th anniversary.  They will provide complimentary shirts at the beginning of the year for all students to wear every Friday in celebration of this great milestone. The committee will also provide a gift for the school’s birthday party celebration and will help gather volunteers for other anniversary events.

Chair: Lauri Doyle

ART APPRECIATION – Art Appreciation is a monthly program that brings visual art styles into the classroom. The committee is responsible for organizing the artwork and research material along with ensuring each classroom is visited once a month.  A monthly volunteer is needed for each classroom. Home and School supplies the volunteer with the artwork and information for the presentation. No art experience is necessary.

Chair:    Sandra Ramirez              

AUDITING COMMITTEE – The Auditing Committee conducts a yearly audit of the Home and School accounting books. The Auditing Committee consists of three Home and School members preferably with an accounting background.

Chair:                   Kelly Summers

BOX TOPS – Long Beach School participates in the Box Tops for Education program.  Each Box Top collected and redeemed is worth 10 cents. Money collected is used to enhance the student programs at Long Beach School.  This committee organizes the monthly collection and classroom contests for the Box Tops program. Volunteers are needed to help with the cutting of the box tops and labels.

Chair:                  Heather Setina

Co-Chair:        Aimee Weaver

FATHER’S FORUM:  This committee is responsible for monthly Gym Nights, Sweetheart Dance, and Mother and Son event.

Chair: Kerry Hayden

Co-Chair: Mike Ramirez

FUNDRAISING – The Fundraising committee is responsible for finding possible fundraising ideas, presenting them to the Board and running the fundraisers. Work on each fundraiser includes all publicity, setting of deadlines, collection of orders, placing orders and distribution of products.  Help from all Long Beach families and staff is needed for successful fundraising

Chair:                   Jennifer Wise                          

Co-Chair:             Melissa Smart

FUN FAIR – The Fun Fair is held strictly for the entertainment of our families and community. Fun Fair is NOT a fundraiser.  Planning and organizational meetings usually start in November. Volunteers are needed to head and/or work on the many sub-committees and to work the day of the Fun Fair.

Chair:                   Kelly Summers              Raffle-chair: Sandy Ramirez

Co-Chair:             Antoinette Struck/ Jennifer Wise

HOSPITALITY/TEACHER APPRECIATION – This committee will represent the Home and School at functions not sponsored by the Home and School Association whether they are school functions, school district functions or community functions. This committee will also handle teacher appreciation activities and luncheons.

Chair:                       TBD

Co-Chair:             Debra Tuffner

NEWSLETTER & COMMUNICATIONS  – This committee works to inform the school and community of the events and activities sponsored by the Long Beach Home & School Association. This committee will also assist other H&S committees with such announcements. – The Newsletter is distributed monthly to all students. The committee is responsible for gathering articles from school staff as well as from Home and School chairpersons, and assembling the information in a newsletter format.

Chair:                       Heather Setina

Co-Chair:             Antoinette Struck

NOMINATING COMMITTEE – The Nominating committee is responsible for organizing the ballot and overseeing the Home and School Board elections in May. All Nominating committee work is done in April and May. The committee consists of two Home and School  (non-board) members.

Chair:                   Kelly Summers        

P.A.W.S. (Providing Assistance With a Smile) – The P.A.W.S. Committee was born out of the idea of community service and helpfulness by offering the Long Beach community assistance during adverse circumstances.  Volunteers with this committee help collect donations of school supplies, gently used clothing, and other essential items for families in need at Long Beach School.  In addition, donations of meals or food items during difficult times, such as an illness in the family, will be organized.

Chair:                 Heather Setina

ROBOTICS: This committee runs the LEGO robotics programs at Long Beach.

Chair:                 Shnea Biggins

Co-Chair:            Debra Tuffner

ROOM PARTIES – The Room Party committee oversees and monitors the three yearly room parties (Fall-Halloween, Winter Holidays and Valentine’s Day). Each classroom needs several parents to volunteer, either in person or through donations, to make each party a success. The Head Room Parent for each party receives a Room Party folder with names of volunteers for their classroom and different party ideas.

Chair:                      Melissa Smart   

Co-Chair:                Jennifer Powell

SPECIAL EVENTS: FAMILY NIGHTS/GYM NIGHTS/HOLIDAY Shop/ GRANDPARENT NIGHT/DANCES/COMMUNITY NIGHTS – The Special Events committee is responsible for choosing, planning and organizing events for students and their families throughout the school year. Family Nights are offered at no cost. Past events include BINGO nights, craft nights, and game nights.Holiday craft night this craft night gives students the opportunity to make a special gift  for their friends and families. Community Nights are the restaurant nights such as Culver’s Night. Volunteers are needed for all events except Community Nights. Home and School Volunteers are needed to handle cash.

Chair:    Sandy Ramirez              

Co-Chairs: TBD        

SPIRITWEAR – Spirit wear sales are usually held in the fall and/or spring. The committee selects a company to order from, chooses a logo, distributes order forms, sets deadlines, collects and places all orders and distributes the clothing when it arrives.  Field Day t-shirt sales are also arranged through this committee.

Chair:                   Katie Grisham

Co-chair:              Heather Setina

VARIETY SHOW – The annual Variety Show gives students and staff a chance to perform for an audience.  Single or group acts are allowed and everyone is encouraged to have fun.  Performances can be as simple or as elaborate as desired.  Volunteers are needed to help screen acts for appropriateness, act as stage crew, keep acts organized during performance time, and any other jobs needed to assist the smooth running of the Variety show.

Chair:                   Antoinette Struck                      

Co-Chair:             Lauri Doyle

YEARBOOK – Long Beach School is in its fourth year of offering an all-school yearbook. Our fifth grade students receive a complimentary copy of the yearbook as a “moving-on” gift. This committee is responsible for working closely with the yearbook company and taking photos at all school events (assemblies, lip synch contest, field trips, science experiments, etc.). Photos are collected and organized. Pages are laid out with photos and shipped to the publisher.

Chair:          Melissa Smart                            

Co-Chair:    Anne Garrabrant and Juilee Parpart